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Ashley Massaro giving one sloppy blowjob leading to riding the stiff dick and making her horny man cum on her pretty face. This isn’t her first leaked sex tape and you’re sure to find more hot fuck action as Massaro exposes hardcore skills she learned from the Playboy Mansion.

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April 4th, 2016 by J

Even before Ashley Massaro became a famous American wrestler, just like gorgeous sexy ladies, she did join a pageant and actually won the title. But Ashley ain’t just the typical beautiful chick who does nothing else but flaunt her tight body and make men’s crotch bulge. She also has a degree in the State University of New York. Now we have more than one reason to have a bulge inside our pants, yeah? She is both beauty and brains, so you would probably expect her to not jump in just anyone’s sheets at any given time.

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While she has a lot of admirers, male being most of them of course, Ashley met a couple of other hot babes when she was competing for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic in Canada. One of them was lucky enough to get into Ashley’s own panties and they have been eating each other’s cunts since. Even as Ashley pop a kid but stay unattached with any particular man, this hot slut is Ashley number 1 fan when it comes to her career and inside the bedroom. They enjoy eating and fucking each other’s twats until they reach orgasm and make pussy juice puddle all over the place.

Hot Wrestler Ashley Massaro’s Nude Pictorial

September 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

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Set in a well-lit studio location, Ashley Massaro looks sultry and very delicious in this pictorial taken before she became a well-known and recognized personality all across the world of professional wrestling. She’s wearing black lingerie and the overall atmosphere of the shoot brings out the creaminess of her smooth skin. She’s totally exposed in this lacy outfit she’s wearing and looks very sexy as she poses seductively.

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This Ashley Massaro gallery of nude pictures cements her status as one of WWE’s hottest celebrities even though these photos were taken before she became one of the wrestling wold’s hottest fighters and before she became a contestant in Survivor: China. Further, she admits that she did these photos before being cast in the wrestling spotlight because she had bills to pay. This celebrity knows her humble beginnings and is not afraid or shy to talk about it.

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Ashley Massaro Full-Frontal Nudes In Playboy

April 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

Do you remember our nude pictures of Ashley Massaro showing her ass in Playboy?  I’m sure, you do, and I’m even sure you’ve been jacking off to it all these years.  Well, I apologize that it took so long, but here are more of the pics from that April 2007 issue of Playboy, and this time, they have our lusty blonde babe in gorgeous full-frontal nudity!

Not only does Ashley show off her big, round titties in these pics, she even gives us a view of her sweet poontang!  That’s right, you can actually see her cunny in these photos and it’s every bit as smooth as you’ve imagined it to be!  Shaved down to the skin is what her pussy is in these photos and I’m sure you’re wondering what to look at first, her breasts or her twat!

Don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere and again I apologize for the long wait before you could see the erotic treasures of this former WWE Diva here.  But if you want more, then you’d better just check out this dirty Ashley Massaro site, because they’ve got the latest and dirtiest pics of Ashley Massaro out there!

Ashley Massaro Bikini Photos

July 13th, 2009 by LimaBean

What’s better than seeing Ashley Massaro beating the hell out of Lita, Stacy Kiebler, and every other female wrestler in the WWE? Seeing Ashley Massaro in a bikini, of course! Oh yes, in these series of hot pics, Ashley Massaro lets go of the Warrior Princess inside her and unleashes her feminine side, which leaves people everything but complaining. Get this: beneath that body of muscles and tension is a sweet and cuddly pussy cat waiting to be tamed by a willing owner. Pretty sexy, huh?

Here you can see Ashley posing like an obedient girl in her sexy lingerie waiting for a man to discipline her. Oh yes, she wants to be told what to do, especially in bed! She wants a daddy who can tell her what to do with her tits – massage them, caress them, pinch those hard nipples, lick them, suck them. She wants a hunk who will command her what to do with her pussy – fondle it, finger it, make it wet and ready for a big fat cock! Ashley might be wrestling as a profession, but in reality, she is just another horny slut waiting to be fucked hard and rough!

If you are that man, and you want to check out Ashley Massaro’s hot bikini photos before you sign up for the job of Daddy, click here! Even though she’s easily twice as large as you, you get to tell her what to do!

Ashley Massaro Nude And Showing Off Her Ass In Playboy Magazine

December 19th, 2008 by LimaBean

We all know that Ashley Massaro’s got huge juggs and juicy cleavage, so we’re not surprised by their luscious beauty when she bared them in that issue of Playboy.  What pleasantly surprised us in her raunchy pictorials for that magazine, and some others, is how fine Ashley Massaro’s ass is.  She might not have the booty of a Kim Kardashian or a J Lo, but she’s still got a great ass and she knows how to show it off!  Whether she’s bending over or simply pulling her g-string bikini down, Ashley Massaro knows that her toned ass looks great for the camera, and it’s not just her breasts the boys should be drooling over.

Of course, we’re always welcome to jerk off over both her luscious tits and firm ass, so there’s no problem there, just pure pleasure in seeing a WWE Diva bare it all again.  There are so many wrestling moves that are perfect to try out on her and her assets, don’t you think?  If you lack the imagination to see all the many ways you can enjoy Ashley Massaro’s sweet behind and her juicy knockers, then you ought to click on this link and see Massaro in dirty, raunchy escapades the other Divas ought to try too.

Ashley Massaro Goes Topless On National TV

December 19th, 2008 by LimaBean

I consider this breast exposure, because those are just paper-thin pasties covering her nipples on this episode of WWE Raw.  Those are just thin plastic films stuck onto the front of her breasts so that they can broadcast this sexy softcore porn skit, since it won’t be considered as such.  Of course I could be wrong.  Maybe those aren’t made of plastic and are actually the edible kind.  Now that’s something even hotter and more pornographic to think about, isn’t it?  And I bet that’s what every horndog in the world is thinking about whenever they see this episode.  This is the Raw show where they revealed Ashley Massaro’s Playboy cover to the world, and to whoever she was feuding with at that time.  I forget who it was because Ashley is just so hot in this portion of the show that she’s all you need to notice to pleasure yourself.  It doesn’t matter that she’s got those pasties on, for all intents and purposes, Ashley Massaro is topless on video and those big, bouncy boobies are ready for action!

If you want to see Ashlay Massaro nude so that you can stare at her titties without any pasties though, we understand.  That’s why there’s that link back there where you can visit a site that’s got exactly what you need when looking for some carnal release with this blonde bombshell of a Diva.

Ashley Massaro’s Juicy Cleavage On Display

December 19th, 2008 by LimaBean

Now here’s what all of us love about sexy pro-wrestling babes — more often than not, they’ve got huge juggs, especially the WWE Divas who’ve made the transition from valet, or any other character, to in-ring performer.  Just look at Trish Stratus, who started out managing Test and Albert, or Candice MichelleAshley Massaro is different though, in that she felt no need to go through a valet phase at the start of her WWE career.  As a Raw Diva Search winner, she could’ve started out as mere eyecandy, but this athletic babe was true to her image as an energetic, game-for-anything hottie.  And so we got a lusciously sexy pro-wrestler right from the start.  Just look at these photos of Ashley in non-wrestling attire.  That is some seriously sexy cleavage she’s got there, and she could’ve exploited her rack for all it’s worth.  But instead she got in the ring and got physical, resulting in a lot of bumps and bruises.  How could you not love a Diva like that?  And how can you not wank off whenever pictures of her twin peaks are around like this?

You want more Ashley Massaro breast action?  There are lots of her raunchy pics and videos on this site, so strap yourself in and check it out right now!