Ashley Massaro Nude

There’s just something about those hot wrestling babes that makes guys lick their lips whenever news about them getting down n’ dirty in some men’s magazine comes out.  These sports entertainment hotties have beautiful faces and sizzling hot toned bodies, so there’s no surprise that the reaction of the male populace to their lusty antics is that of mass arousal.  That’s why we love Ashley Massaro and want to see lots of Ashley Massaro nude material.  She’s proven that she’s hotter than some others just by winning the 2005 Raw Diva Search, which showcased a bevy of hot babes, of which she was deemed the hottest one of all.

But Ashley didn’t stop there.  With an attitude that matched her punk style, she didn’t settle for just being a valet or manager in the storylines put out week after week on her show.  No, this former model put her health on the line by agreeing to become one of the Divas who wrestle in the ring, and in fact, she’s injured herself more than once in the performance of her duties, and that just makes her hotter in our estimation, don’t you agree?  With her fishnet stockings and backwards baseball cap, she’s got the perfect look for a competitor anyway.  While others had to make the transition from wearing short, skimpy dresses to ring attire, Ashley’s punky and athletic image just screamed “pro wrestler” from the get-go.

With titles like Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2004, there’s no doubt that Ashley Massaro is all about healthy, athletic sexuality, and not just erotic beauty.  Her tanned, blonde bombshell looks are every guy’s fantasy, especially when you start thinking about massaging her all over with those Hawaiian Tropic products she no doubt gets for free.  Aside from those pre-WWE beauty titles, she’s had success outside of the ring since winning the Diva Search.  With her bubbly and energetic personality, she’s been chosen as a guest host on some E! channel “Wild On” episodes, and has also appeared on the reality shows “Breaking Bonaduce” as his personal trainer and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”.  The latter saw her guesting with fellow superstars John Cena and Dave Batista.  There were also guest appearances on more popular shows, like “Smallville”, where she appeared with Kane, and of course her stint on “Survivor: China“, where she was the second castaway eliminated, unfortunately.

Her appearances that keep us tuning in and lusting after her though, are those from the WWE, of course.  That’s where we can really see her personality shine through, despite the scripted storylines of sports entertainment.  Who can forget those bra and panties matches she’s had?  Now that’s prime TV entertainment, right there!  If she hadn’t been injured in the 2006 Women’s Battle Royal, she could’ve gone on to be enshrined as Women’s Champion, according to some pundits.  She’s been released from the WWE though, at her request, so that she can take care of her sick daughter.  So I guess we’ll only have those re-runs to drool over until her comeback.  That’s something I believe will happen because she’s just to hot not to let back in, once she’s ready to come back.

But wait, aside from past episodes of “Raw“, there’s one more source of hot material from our favorite Diva, and that’s Ashley Massaro Nude.  Now that’s where you can thoroughly enjoy yourself with her, in any way you want.